Your wellbeing is
always our priority

Elderly home care services in singapore

Your wellbeing is always our priority


At iKare, your loved ones’ wellbeing is our priority. As an iKare member, we assign you a dedicated Kare Manager and home nursing care team to accompany your family member throughout their care journey. We also understand that situations change, so their care plan is completely customisable and can be modified as they improve.

iKare membership options

Our personalised
care plans explained

Whether it’s long-term support and home nursing care in Singapore, or post-operative recovery and recuperation, or on-demand healthcare services, our premium home care packages are made for everyday wellness. Tailored specifically to their needs, each plan is designed to ensure they get the care they need to help them thrive at home.

Long Term Care Plan

Long term continued healthcare ensures your family members can live their life to the fullest. Our specialist caregivers come to their home to assist with daily living needs, and help improve the quality of their life.

Hoslistic care at home in singapore

Our iKare membership package

With our continual home care package, you get peace of mind that your loved ones’ needs are taken care of.

Your Care Plan includes:

  • Regular at-home visits from a dedicated Kare Nurse
  • Consistent monitoring of general health, including blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, mobility, and more
  • Assistance with minor medical procedures if needed
  • Complete home nursing care to allow your loved one to live comfortably at home
  • A dedicated Kare Manager as a single point of contact for all your needs
  • Professional training for the caregiver 
  • A visit from our trainers for your on-site assessment after training
  • Nutrition plan and advice from Dietitian 
  • Quarterly health progress reports to monitor the care recipient’s progress
  • Home improvement advice and assistance

Continual Care Plan

Our transitional care packages are designed to provide your loved ones with assistance when going through a transitional phase, giving them the quality of life they deserve during this time.

Personalised Care Plan

Sometimes you just need a little extra help. So, your short term care packages are tailored to your loved ones’ situation, and customised to suit their unique health and care needs.

Our short term care packages can cover:

  • Dementia care to give them an enriching, supportive experience at home. Aims to improve cognitive function and motor skills through therapy visits. Rehabilitation to maintain quality of life and slow functional decline
  • Postoperative at-home nursing care to support in area such as pain management and wound care, as well as rehabilitation. To help them ease back into living their life, and get them back on their feet faster
  • Specialised after-stroke care to ensure they have the assistance and support they need to safely and carefully improve their health, coordination, and movement
  • Palliative care to help them live their life as comfortably as possible. Sensitive and specialised end of life and palliative care in the event of a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. Symptom management, comfort and assistance, including help with emotional and mental health, spiritual and social needs

Home Nursing Care

On-demand services

Need a little extra help? Simply give your Kare Manager a call to arrange these services at a nominal fee.

Home Nursing Procedures

Simple to complex home nursing care procedures, done safely in the comfort of your home.

  • Medication Administration
  • Tube Change & Suctioning
  • Wound Management
  • Catheter & Drain Care
  • Injections
  • And More
Personal Care & Hygiene

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, so we help your loved ones with bathing, grooming, toileting, and continence management.

  • Bed Bath
  • Assisted Shower
  • Diaper Changing
  • Oral Care


Company is one of the most important elements of physical and mental health, so our Kare Aides are available to simply have a chat, accompany them on a walk, or be there to support you along the healthcare journey.

Medical Escort & Transport

We’ll accompany them and arrange to-and-from transportation between their home and any medical appointments.

Home Safety Improvement

From home design and fall prevention to memory aids, we can help make the home a safer, more functional environment.

Medical Consumables Supplies

We have a wide range of medical consumables supplies available for order and delivery for your convenience such as adult diapers, gloves, masks, gauze, syringes, and more.

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Included in our
home nursing care plans

Kare Manager

Our Kare Manager serves as an adviser and single point of contact for all your caregiving support. They provide coordinated delivery of optimal patient care through effective monitoring and updates.

Home Nursing Care

Get regular visits and close monitoring from our certified Kare Nurses, who ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of both our care recipients, and their caregivers.


Discuss customised nutrition plans and advice to enhance your loved ones’ health, and ensure they’re getting the nutrients their body needs.

Personal Care

Our professional caregivers assist in the
activities of daily living, personal grooming
like bathing and toileting as well as

Caregiver Training

Equip your family members with caregiving knowledge and skills, through a curriculum vetted by healthcare professionals, with in-person guidance and training at our education centre.

Home Improvement

Advice and assistance to help
make the home a safer, more
functional environment.

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iKare membership in three easy steps

How your iKare membership works

Here’s how we help you connect your loved ones with the support and home nursing care services that meets their needs.

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Step 1

Speak with us
Book a free consultation with our advisors anytime. Tell us about your family’s caregiving or home nursing care needs and share with us your concerns. We’ll advise you on things you can do immediately, and what to consider in the long term.

Step 2

Review your loved one’s care plan
Your Kare Manager will help you decide on a holistic care plan that includes the services that will help them live their best lives. We’ll also discuss the personal support you’ll receive as a member; after all, we’re here for you, too.

Step 3

Benefit from iKare membership
Your Kare Manager will get to know your family and be on hand to advise and support your caregiving needs. You’ll never have to worry about medical transport, your caregiver’s ability, or care equipment again—we take care of it all for you.